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  1. There we go - https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/05/21/royal-caribbean-announces-oasis-of-the-seas-165-million-amplification-details
  2. Sorry, I wasn't clear - I was referring to the first dry dock during which it got hit by the crane, not the dry dock when the crane damage was being repaired. It's a lot of dry docks! But thanks for answering my question!
  3. The Oasis is back in service, right? Did I miss an announcement on what the changes are? Or was this a different drydock - I saw another post that said Oasis wasn't getting Amplified until September 2019.
  4. Thanks, all - I have our travel agent working on it now, and I'll let you know whether our experience aligns with @jticarruthers.
  5. Is there a process for catching up to a cruise at a later port? We (me, wife, 13 year old, and 10 year old) are booked next April on the Symphony with other families, but this week something came up so that only me and the 13 year old can leave on embarkation day (Saturday). Wife and 10 year old could get to the first port (Monday), but would they be allowed on the ship? Has anyone done something like this intentionally? Yes, I realize this is a horrible idea. I'm trying to figure out if it's possible, before rebooking on a different cruise leaving on Sunday. Thank you!
  6. What a mess - just logged in, and every time I come back to the main account screen, something changes: First, it didn't list any cruises (one is in 16 days and the other is next year) Then it listed the March 2018 cruise, but said I hadn't checked in (clicking "Check in" generated an error) Then it listed the March 2018 cruise, and said my check in is complete (which is true) It still doesn't have my C&A number or show any cruise history. Matt's right - not worth any more time today.
  7. Apologies if this is hijacking, but does that include the ice/water at Nachi Cocom? We're headed there next month, but I'm second-guessing now due to water-born illness concerns. Thanks!
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