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New Dive and Discover Sale...should I call for the savings of $95

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5 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Yes!  Definitely call for $95.  No there is no danger from calling to take advantage of a price drop no matter how many times.

just be sure that it’s truly a savings and that you’re not giving up something to gain something 

Thanks, good to know. I only have a $100 credit because of the nonrefundable ticket. Nothing else.

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1 hour ago, Pooch said:

Now that my room category (grand suite) is sold out, can i assume no sale will apply to me? 

Not true at all!

I take screen shots of all bookings. Every time a new sale comes up, I screen shot it if the price changes. That's how I reference everything. If your category is gone, compare the categories around it, other suites. If you notice those have dropped, it is a safe assumption that the GS may have also dropped. At that point I would call RC or your TA. They can check the price of a category even if it's gone. Just keep in mind that you might lose OBC when you re-price. But sometimes that is well worth it.  

Since January, I have re-priced my suite twice (and I took the last one in that category) and saved over $500.

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At this point, all Junior and 1 and 2 bedroom grand suites are gone.  We got 30% off each of our fares and $200 OPC  and 25% off the deluxe drink package.  The current sale comes to 25% off the fares & less OBC.  

But thanks for the advice, i will keep doing the math.  Six months to wait not so patiently.

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