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Newbie questions about Club Royale

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Lindsey, I had never walked off with a penny either UNTIL my cruise on Freedom of the Seas in April 2019.  On that cruise I hit the Same $1 slot machine for 3 jackpots.  The third one being last pull of the cruise.  Great fun (that is until have to pay the income tax).  I was in shock.

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This statement shows your Net Win/(Loss) for play while using your SeaPass card. All winnings, including W2Gs (hand-paid jackpots) and all losses, are reflected in the Total Win/(Loss) for the period

I have found the slots on my last three RC cruises very very lucrative.  Won 11.5 thousand off 20 dollars I started with this last cruise—2500 points to get prime status — 25000 for next level.   I dr

It always comes back around to pizza, doesn't it ?? :)

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On 3/27/2018 at 9:14 PM, Marc said:

I discovered something very interesting during my last Oasis of the Seas cruise. I was speaking with the casino host to find out how my points were doing toward the cruise certificate (2400 for an inside cabin, 3600 for an oceanview cabin, 4800 for a balcony cabin). She checked my points which were about 2500, and then did some more checking and said that due to my "actual", I had already qualified for a balcony certificate.

I had long thought that it was merely the points earned by money wagered through the machines that only mattered, but apparently, what you've lost is also a factor for the certificates.

I wonder if that is true because our last trip on Alure of the seas my husband had over 2,000 points so we didn't qualify for a free cruise. A few weeks later we received a card in the mail with a choice of one free inside stateroom. There were four on the list to choose from. So maybe they did add in how much he actually spent to get to 2400.



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No, that's different.

When you get a certificate immediately after your casino play based on the points you earned on that sailing, you have to book it within 30 days and you can use it on one of the ~40-50 cruises listed on the back, or on any cruise sailing within the next year for its trade-in value.

What you got is a promotional mailing that Casino Royale sends out frequently to its members. The offers vary by historical level of play.

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