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easy passport renewal ?


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does anyone know of a more simplified passport process an office I can go to I dread mailing my old one in and waiting who knows how long don't mind traveling I have found non government agencies that do it for a huge price and promise to get it for you in as few as 2 days but wow what a price they charge 

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Other than the wait I don't fell the process is all that stressful. No matter how the renewal is done the paper work needs to be filled out. One nice thing, it can be filled out online: https://pptform.state.gov/PassportWizardMain.aspx

If you are worried about the old passport getting lost, pay to have it sent certified mail. Time anxiety, send it back with overnight delivery and pay the fee to expedite and have it returned via overnight delivery.

If you really want rush things and DIY*: Make an appointment at an Agency, get a fully refundable ticket for an international flight in the next five days, go to said appointment, pay the expedite fees, once new passport is in hand cancel and get a refund for the flight. Think even if you use a third party service you still need to have some sort of urgent travel plans for the quickest turn around.


*The entire "buy a refundable ticket" thing is do it at your own risk.

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