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Allure of the Seas Aquatheater Suite

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30 minutes ago, jaullram said:

We are currently booked on Allure of the Seas in an Aquatheater Suite in 11730. How is the room - is it as amazing as it looks?  We have never been on Oasis class and so excited!

Would also love recommendations on breakfast and lunch options besides Windjammer.

From the one on the other side...


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Could watch the shows, but felt outside the action being so high up. Plus I felt the audio wasn't that great.

Suite was great, want to say one down fall was no full length mirror. Other catch was the tub. Huge step down and it will be a tight fit if over 6ft tall.

Tip: Enjoy Room Service other times beside just breakfast. Another tip, make sure you are on the correct side of the ship. It is a long walk back when you realize your card doesn't work...

Trick: Don't worry about booking shows other than the Comedy one. 

Video of the balcony: 


What is still one of my favorite photos taken.


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6 minutes ago, jaullram said:

Are you able to get Room service from anywhere besides MDR or normal Room service menu?


Nope, only the lucky Two bedrooms Auqa theater suites on decks 8, 9, and 10 (plus the various Star Class rooms on 17) could get stuff from else where.

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@jaullram this suite falls under Sky class benefits. Here is a list of Sky class benefits from Harmony, it will be pretty much the same. I got this list from the concierge one week prior to sailing. 

Dear Suites Guests, 

Its is our  pleasure to welcome you onboard the beautiful Harmony of the Seas We are honored that you have selected Royal Caribbean International for your cruise vacation. 

We are Jeremias and Cheker, your onboard Concierges. We are available to assist you throughout your cruise vacation from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm daily in the Suite Lounge on Deck 17 Aft.                                                                               
As a Sky Suite guest, you are offered exclusive amenities and services not available to other guests onboard. 

For your convenience, here is a brief summary of our services: 
·  Use of the Suite Lounge located on deck 17 aft. 
·  A la Carte breakfast in Coastal Kitchen, Check the Daily Compass for the opening hours, (No reservation required) 
·  Continental Breakfast serve in the lounge. Same hours than the Coastal Kitchen. 
·  A la carte lunch from 12.00 to 1:30 pm daily  in Coastal Kitchen, Deck 17, (No reservations required) 
·  Dinner served in Coastal Kitchen from 06:00 pm to 09:30 pm, Deck 17, (Reservations required) 
·  Bar service is available from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm in the Suite Lounge, serving a wide array of beverages for purchase. 
·  Hors d'oeuvres, petit fours and complimentary bar setup with a selection of wine, spirits, beer and soft drinks every evening from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. 
·  Spa bathrobes for use onboard and upgraded bathroom amenities 
·  Exclusive Reception for Suite guests with Senior Officers. (Invitation will be sent to your suite). 
·  In Suite Dining. Full Dining Room menu privilege through Room Service, available when the Dining Room is open (For menus, please refer to your stateroom television). 
·  Priority reservations for any of our specialty restaurants, onboard activities, Shore Excursions, and Vitality Spa services. 
·  Private sun deck with loungers and cabanas on deck 17 forward.
·  Show Reservations are not required for all Sky Suite guests . Please show your Sea Pass card at the entrance 20 minutes prior to show time as booked seats will be given away 10 minutes prior to show time. For Comedy show tickets, please see your Concierge or reserve now through the Royal IQ App. 
·  Limited VIP seats for the shows in Royal Theater (First 2 rows center, Deck 5), Studio B (Three front rows on left hand side pavilion) and Aqua Theater (first 2 rows from the top). Please show your Sea Pass card at the entrance 20 minutes prior to show time as booked seats will be given away 10 minutes prior to show time. 
·  Priority departure. Please ask your Concierges for more details. 

As a special VIP guest, we are pleased to offer you access to the Barefoot Beach Club & Cabanas, a private beach on Labadee. Located on Barefoot Bay, this exclusive experience is only available to our Sky Class  suite guests – Simply show your Seapass card to the Island Concierge at the entrance. Each person will be give a wrist band for the day access. 

The Barefoot Beach Club & Cabanas offers complimentary non-motorized water sports equipment (floating mats & snorkeling equipment) in addition to an upgraded lunch menu and service from Suite Beach Attendants. 

For the ultimate way to relax in luxury, why not reserve one of the cabanas (with additional cost) for the day? Featuring beautiful views and dedicated Cabana Attendant service, the  cabanas at Barefoot Beach Club are a not to be missed experience. Reservations are limited so please contact your Concierge for more details. 

A maximum of 6 guests may have access to your Cabana. Please provide the names of any guests that will be joining you to the Concierge. These names will be added to the Barefoot Beach guest list. 
Cabana Entrance 

    If you are interested in renting any of the Cabanas, please let me know via e-mail, as soon as possible, to avoid any disappointment as they are sold out very fast.
  Please note that the following services are included with the Cabana:
 Personalized services from one of our Suite Cabana attendants
 Complimentary bottles of water   
 Beach Towels
 Complimentary buffet offering a diversified food selection (minute steaks, seafood skewers, salads, hamburgers, etc)


Please note that transportation between the main entrance  and Barefoot Beach and return in also available using the Suite guests limousine 

Note: We have  waiting area for the suite guests which has a seating area and cold water available,  The area is roped off and is exclusively for Star Class, Sky Class and pinnacle members only. For the first 2 hours after the ships arrival we have scheduled one of the cabana attendants to be in this area to assist with welcoming the guest and ensuring the transportation remains consistent to and from Barefoot. In addition to the cabana attendant the Concierge came off the ship once the ship was cleared for crew working ashore and was at the waiting area ready to welcome the suit guest.

 The Suite Lounge is a private area exclusive for guests staying in the Star Class and Sky Class  categories and is accessible 24 hours a day with your SeaPass  card.

We respectfully request that guests observe a Smart Casual dress code when visiting the Lounge (no bathrobes, no swim or pool attire is allowed, and footwear is required at all times).  Please be informed that during the cocktail hours on formal nights, shorts, sandals and tank tops are not permitted in the lounge. We encourage all of our Guests to follow the evening dress code reflected on the daily Evening Planner. 

To ensure all our guests are able to enjoy these exclusive venues, we require that all minors must be well behaved and accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. 

The lounge is designated a smoke-free area. Food and beverages are for consumption within the lounge only. 
It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way to make your cruise experience the more enjoyable and wish you an unforgettable time onboard the Harmony of the Seas. 

Harmony of the Seas is the newest and largest smart ship in the world. We recommend you download the Royal IQ Appbefore coming onboard in order to have quick and convenient access to the most up to date information regarding daily activities and programming, access to show, dining, and Shore Excursion reservations, account information, chat service, and so much more! 

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have at the following address : [email protected]rccl.com 

Best Regards, 

Jeremias Lora Martinez  and Cheker Chehaibi


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Never sailed in an Owner's suite.

Personally I'm more of a fan of the Crown Lofts. At the same time not everyone enjoys having to climbs stairs to access the second floor. Flip side, never hurts having two bathrooms. Also can't recall if on Oasis and Allure the lofts having a tub or not.

One advantage the Loft and Owner's has is a standard height table to eat at.

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9 minutes ago, jaullram said:

Another question..you said don't worry about booking anything besides comedy show.  Does that mean that there is reserved seating for other shows?  Does that include Aquatheater shows?

Is there a suite section in pool area?

Yes, there is a reserved seating area in the Studio B, main theater, and aqua theater. Just show your card and they will let you in. Also, sitting in that area isn't required.

No area by the pool, but their is a suite sun deck. https://www.mjcwebdesign.com/photos/index.php?/category/16


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11 minutes ago, jaullram said:

Is Coastal kitchen on the ship and is room service available through there?  We want to spend a lot of time on the balcony to enjoy it!

CK is on deck 17. It is one of my most favourite places! I don't believe they do room service unless you are in a star class suite.

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28 minutes ago, jaullram said:

@CGTLH so you would prefer Crown Loft?  The balcony looked small and like the idea of Ocean View or Aquatheater view but would be happy with either!

Me personally, I prefer the Crown Loft. At the same time I would stay in the Aqua Theater if given the chance. As you said best, "I would be happy with either!"

Now if I was asked Two Bedroom Aqua Theater or Crown Loft (and it wasn't a crazy cost difference). I would be stupid to pick the Loft. Would even say the same thing if the Aqua had no Star Class perks.


For the record, the balcony in a Crown Loft isn't that small.


Full Crown Loft album from Oasis: https://www.mjcwebdesign.com/photos/index.php?/category/58

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Like CGTLH, we stayed in 11330, but on Allure.  It was our first Aqua Theater room.  We really enjoyed it.  This was before they started Sea/Sky/Star so all suites were just suites.  I will concur.  It is a LONG walk way to the aft of the ship so don't forget anything !  Next time we stayed in 8330, which is the big 2 BR ATS.  This time on Harmony.  By then, they had started the Suites program so we were able to enjoy all of the Star Class Perks.  Well worth it for us.  Others think it's too much money.  To each his own.

We have stayed in ATS now 4 times so I think we're done with the Aqua Theater.  It was one of my dreams to stay there, though....so I've fulfilled that dream !  Next month will be the Sky Loft Suite which will be our first time to stay on 17.  Really looking forward to that one.  While I love the views from the aft, the walk is just too much for my old knees.

IMO, if you are so inclined, I think everyone should try an ATS at least once.  The views are spectacular and the balconies are second to none.  Be sure and enjoy the balcony.  That's what you're paying for !  Since deck 11 is a Sky class suite, you can get complimentary room service from the MDR which is a really nice amenity.  Take advantage of it if you can.  Room service from the specialty restaurants (which includes CK) is available only to Star Class guests and it is a very nice amenity.

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