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Edge class is definitely a league of its own but that doesn't mean the other ships in the fleet are bad. Some of the older ships have been what they call 'revolutionized'. This was a much more indepth reno than the Royal 'amplification'. The ships were stripped down to bare metal and completely redone.

Edge class if definitely the best and if thats what you want then thats what you should book but you are still going to have an amazing experience on the other Celebrity ships as well. 

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Century Class, was different than Millennium Class that was different than Solstice, Edge Class is different from Solstice Class. Celebrity makes a big deal when marketing a new class of ships stating that their new ship designs are driven by advanced technology more than size or amenities for cruisers. There is usually a specific design feature, e.g., Eden in Edge class ships, that sets it apart from previous design features. Millennium and Solstice class ships are still sailing itineraries along with Edge class ships and the 4 Edge Class ships (Edge, Apex, Beyond and Assent) are evolutionary in design. Celebrity does a very good job of learning from issues and correcting them on each new ship in the Edge Class. So, there are differences between all four ships in Celebrity's Edge Class fleet. 

As noted above, you're going to enjoy sailing on any of Celebrity's ships. My experience sailing each of Celebrity's ships that are in service at least once is the continuity of the onboard character that the front office wants to create and service delivery. It is the same friendliness of the crew, from officers to staff, on all the ships I've sailed on. Service is very high in quality because of the rigorous training Celebrity conducts. There might be a few hick-ups when large numbers of crew or officers transfer from one ship to another or their contracts end.  I've been impressed with how Corporate manages this to keep the chaos from routine transfers, on to and off the ships that can occur, keeping it to a minimum or hardly noticeable. 

As I walk up the boarding platform and enter the ship, my usual exclamation is that, "I'm home."

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On 4/22/2024 at 4:10 PM, Doug_Texas said:

I have seen some cruiser comments on other blogs that if you try Celebrity make sure it is an Edge class ship as the quality difference is huge.  Any commentary from frequent Celebrity cruisers?

We've greatly enjoyed Edge class.  As with any cruise line, enhancement and experiences can be expanded with a larger and more up to date ships.  It's the nature of upgrading a fleet.  When Millennium was the only class, we enjoyed that, and following Solstice improved the experience over Millennium class.  But with each class, so has the passenger capacity increased;  so as the ships get bigger, so do the crowds.   At this point, as we sail suite class, and do not favor going back in ship class (M,S).   The legacy ship class Retreat experience is far inferior to what Edge class offers (by design) when sailing in a suite.  So to us, that's the most notable change that makes Edge class our new preference.

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