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Allure Deck 14 noise

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I also looked on cruisedeckplans.com and didn't see any advisories. You'll be roughly under The Living Room, but given that your along that outside of the ship and the teens club is set back with a walkway between the rail and the club itself, I think you'll be fine. In addition, the Allure has been around long enough that noise reports would have been reported if they were truly a problem.

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We just stayed in 14226 on Oasis (Sister to Allure).  We could hear running and some thumping during the day, but at night not a peep was heard.

It was actually louder in the hallway a couple doors down from our stateroom.  That area would have held interior staterooms but was filled with the pool and accompanying infrastructure.  There was some buzzing and humming audible in the hall.

I liked deck 14 for easy access to pool deck and Wind Jammer.

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I was on Oasis (I know its not Allure but close enough) last year and in room 14600 which was on the hump, it was ok, although I would have preferred to go down one deck.  I really enjoyed the larger balcony but my single complaint would be the pool chair movement and some of the noise coming from the pool deck.  Not sure how close you will be to any of that but that would be it!  I will also have to admit that it was not constant and only during certain times of the day so it wasn't that big of a deal.  Later in the evening it was quiet as a mouse.  

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14 hours ago, RestingBirds said:

We have Oasis booked for 2019, and I asked the TA to not book anything higher than deck 12, to make sure we avoid any deck noise.  We ended up on 8, not quite on a hump.

Thats still a good deck! We were one deck above you on our first cruise on an Oasis class, and it was absolutely wonderful! We picked deck 14 because my sister was two rooms down so we wanted to be close to her. I will have to agree with @tkltomp that we did enjoy being so close to the upper deck as well as the Windjammer but being on a lower deck would not ruin the cruise, it actually gives my big behind more of an excuse to hit the stairs and work off some of the calories from the Windjammer and MDR!:8_laughing:

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