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What Ship Will replace the Harmony in Galveston in 2026?

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10 hours ago, billdauterive said:

It's not that it's a ship to be avoided, it's that it was already home ported in Galveston last year. It seems like a step back going to the same ship (even if it really isn't because of the upcoming amp).

Could be a lot worse, we're getting Independence back again, not really a step up from Anthem ☹️

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On 12/3/2023 at 9:22 PM, Doug_Texas said:

We are in Texas and sail out of Galveston often.  The majority of sailings on RCL are Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Honduras.  There are a few variations on a theme like Progresso Mexico or sometimes a Grand Cayman but mostly limited ports.  NCL and Carnival have more variety.  We are retired and care a lot about ports which is why we’ve been flying elsewhere to get on RCL sailings.  Every time I make mention of desire for port variation out of Galveston I’m told either the ship is the destination or I need to go to Celebrity.  I would very much like more variety from Galveston from RCL - and it doesn’t need to be more Oasis sailings.  Love Freedom and Voyager class ships.  Agree Corpus and Mobile are non-starters.

Agree with your observations. I think they've just optimized routes to maximize revenue, not necessarily guest preferences.   When they intersect - there's goodness on both sides.  But as a Texas resident, I too would like more RCL options from Galveston.  There is an occasional 8, 9, and 11 when meshing between rotations - but they're far and few between and difficult to plan for.

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12 hours ago, Mic the pilot said:

Allure of the Seas is already scheduled, but for only 5 sailings

That is because that is as far out as the calendar goes now; she will be there far longer than 5 sailings.

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Galveston is my home port (40ish min drive from my house) but I've only sailed Voyager and Quantum (from Seattle) class so far so I'm not too picky since I like variety.

Oasis class is still on my list, perhaps Harmony before it crosses (might do Utopia in Sept. but waiting on the SO to check his PTO). Even my upcoming cruise next weekend is on another Voyager but it's Mariner this time so, excited to see how it differs from Voyager itself.

All that to say I'm not picky since I've not been on many RC ships yet haha.

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