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Question about cabins

Tim d

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2 hours ago, Vancity Cruiser said:

I actually stayed in 7658 the last time I was on Radiance. It does not have obscured views but the balconies above look down onto yours. 

The bigger balcony was fantastic though!

It’s our first cruise every. Was it a decent room?

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12 hours ago, Tim d said:

It’s our first cruise every. Was it a decent room?

Here is a video from the room 2 down from yours, should give you an idea of what the room and balcony looks like - you have to fast forward a little as they included a lot of travel to the ship before getting to the room in the video. What I noticed most is, as mentioned above is that your balconies stick out further, so the above balconies will look down on yours. But the other thing I noticed was the walls between the balconies are only have covered- so you can see your neighbors and vice versa. 


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The first time I had one of these extended balconies on this class i was in a guarantee and this is what I was assigned.  I personally loved it.  I'm not a balcony in your underwear kind of person so privacy is not my priority. 

I liked being open to the skies when standing at the railing but covered like all other balconies near the cabin door.   I liked being able to look down to the sea on the side of the ship and these are the only balconies that have an unimpeded view down to the sea.   

When you want more privacy you can hangout near the cabin door but when you want full views you can stand at the railing.  At the railing you can see and talk to your neighbors, or don't talk to them, that's up to you.  

I purposely booked one of these cabins for the Norwegian fjords.  When I can't get an aft balcony, or don't want to pay the premium for an aft balcony, these balcony cabins are my next favorite.  In the case of Norway I chose one of these side facing balconies over an aft balcony so I can see where we are going.  Aft balconies are usually a favorite of mine but I also like being to see forward.

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