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Stargazing on Anthem of the Seas

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The cruis planner or the app should show the Royal Tranquility Stargazing Experience booking available soon.  Depends on the sailing, but for around $49/pp (usually $44 for the kids), they'll turn down some of the lights on the port side of the pool deck for 15 minutes of semi-private stargazing with other guests.  It's capped at only 200 participants on Quantum-class ships, and other than for the flashes from the on-board photographers doing their thing, it's quite dark and peaceful.  For a modest per-minute fee, one can rent binoculars or use of a telescope (careful around the photographers' flashes, though), and there is an opportunity to buy Royal Tranquility merch that isn't available in the other onboard shops.  🤣

I kid, I kid.  It's a bit tough to stargaze from a cruise ship with all the light pollution, but your best bet may be to go as far aft as you can and look behind you.  It was dark and quiet enough when walking back there (sort of behind the iFly tube) on Anthem with my then-girlfriend/now-wife almost 8 years ago, she's since told me she thought I was about to propose!  A potentially dangerous situation for the gentlemen, but I think you should be able to see a few stars if you go back that way.  

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I find the helipad is the best place to stargaze, but on Anthem this is not accessible by passengers.  So not sure if there is another spot on the top deck in the front for viewing since i think the fitness center is there.  

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