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I found the *original* "Wash Your Hands" song!

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I did some searching around and I don't know whether anyone's noticed this, but I just discovered it and it's blowing my mind! The "Wash Your Hands" song is clearly based on Matt White's "Falling in Love (With My Best Friend)". When you get to the chorus around 0:45, you'll hear exactly what I mean.




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16 minutes ago, CrimsonCruiser said:

But impressed cuz whoa that's random!

My pattern-matching abilities are rather good, thanks to a touch of the 'tism. 😆 I discovered it while riding an elevator on Harmony of the Seas last week. It was apparently in the Muzak (or clone) lineup being played onboard and immediately used Shazam to identify the song.

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On 3/21/2023 at 1:04 PM, Carlos A. said:

I've always thought that it's pretty much inspired by the "Dumb ways to die" video and characters:

That is a cute game, and I also recognized that artwork. The vocals sound the same, too. I have to figure that Royal Caribbean commissioned "Wash Your Hands" from the same folks ("Tangerine Kitty").

I wonder whether the music is a bizarre coincidence. They seem too close to be likely, but I did a bit more searching for some sort of connection or overlap, but I can't find anything.

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