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Child Pricing

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Hello! We are trying to book a 5 night cruise this upcoming August, this would be myself, my husband and our son who will be three at this time. The cost for a balcony room is showing as 604/PP. However, the cost is showing around 2500 instead of around 1800, if I take my son off it shows the 1800. I can’t find anything stating that children cost more. 

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First and foremost, I highly recommend you work with a good travel agent. Billing questions like this are one of many services they provide.

Every passenger costs money on a cruise (unless it's a kids sail free deal for 12 and under). 

Your child, being the 3rd passenger, will cost something to cruise. On the website, you can find details that breaks down the cost.

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The per-passenger pricing is not an offer, simply a calculation of the total amount paid divided by the number of people booked. It typically doesn't recognize any particular passenger's pricing due to the way RCI often does their pricing (#1 – full price, #2 – 60% off, #3+ – yet a different rate).

Another thing to keep in mind is that on top of the $604, there will be taxes and fees, and that can add another couple hundred onto that extra passenger. For example, 5-night cruises may go to Bermuda, and they have one of the higher port fees out there.

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35 minutes ago, Pattycruise said:

Not only are port fees/taxes not included on that price,  when you add another person it changes the category of the cabin, so you are likely paying a higher rate for a cabin that holds more people as opposed to a cabin that holds only 2.


Many people don't realize that majority of cabins on a ship only hold two people and you can't add a 3rd person to these cabins even if they are child.

Cabins that hold 3 or more are in short supply so they go quickly.  With the increased demand the prices go up for cabins that hold more than 2.  

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