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JSX - An Airline Worth Considering

Galveston Steve

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I've flown JSX several times now, and have had great experiences. It's like flying "semi-private". They use the same facilities that private jets use, which means you avoid big crowds and long security and checkin lines. Just show up 20-30 minutes before the flight, check in, and get on the plane. They fly to many of the key cruise port cities: Miami, Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles / Orange County. Pricing can be similar to a first class ticket but we have scored some great deals at times.

This week's Southwest Airlines fiasco proved to me that JSX is a better option. Our son's family, 4 in total, had their flight from FLL cancelled as we were disembarking the ship in Miami. Southwest's options would get them home 4 days later... maybe. They immediately booked seats on JSX from Miami and were able to get home that same evening. Southwest's refunds, if they come through, should cover much of the JSX fare.

Nancy and I were already booked on JSX from Orlando for the next day (we wanted to do some sightseeing and snag the lower fares from Orlando). Our JSX flight back to Dallas was scheduled for 3:20 pm and it ended up being 4 hours late due to the inbound flight being cancelled coming in from White Plains, NY. Here's what JSX did for everyone on the flight without being forced to do it by the government or the passengers: 1) flew an empty plane and flight crew from Dallas to Orlando to pick us up 2) patiently answered our questions and provided updated information. 3) ordered a bunch of pizzas and had them delivered to the private air terminal (there was no other option for passengers to get dinner) 4) as we arrived home we each had already received an email apologizing for the delay and a voucher for $200 in future flight credit.


  • 2 free bags
  • Free Starlink WiFi (being rolled out fleetwide)
  • Free drinks (alcoholic too)
  • Free Snacks
  • Seating configuration provides extra room
  • Retrieve bags planeside


  • More expensive but may be worth it
  • Extra fee to reserve a specific seat prior to airport checkin
  • Typically only very expensive valet parking is available at the private air terminal, so you need to arrive by Uber, Lyft, etc.
  • They allow well-behaved large dogs to sit in front of an adjacent seat if they purchase a seat for the dog (may be a turn-off if you are allergic)

Check it out if it they fly near where you need to go!


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I had seen a great price out of White plains but never heard of them and was a bit nervous as there was only one flight, so if weather happened I’d totally miss my cruise despite trying to fly the day before since the next day the flight was after cruise time.  I did go back to take a last look before booking my flight and the price was crazy high then.  It made me think I was seeing things the first time!  I ended up booking a different airline out of JFK  because of all the options if my flight is cancelled. 
I’ll definitely keep them in mind if I have travel where I’m not overly concerned about a cancellation and arriving a day later.

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