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Transatlanic - Best way to book flight back to U.S.


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Hey everyone. I am doing my first transatlanic cruise, and am trying to figure out the best way to book a flight home to Seattle from Tel Aviv. Obviously, I am trying to get the best prices but also want to get the best flight time home and have a little luxery too. Since this will be a very long flight, And if anyone has done this before. What are the best airlines to use for the "luxery" ride? I am trying to figure out the best options, prem, business, etc for the longest part of the flight. For a possible 10 hour flight, I would love a flight that has seats that either recline way back or transition to a bed style. For any shortler connecting flights, main cabin is fine. Best apps, airlines? Any tips greatly help. Flight home would be May 16, 2023.  Thanks for any suggestions here. 

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Ben Gurion is a big airport that all the major lines service. For me, I'd go United on that crazy-long flight from TLV to San Fransico in business class (and then the short hop up to Seattle), but that's mostly because I tend to collect UA miles.

As for a bit more luxe experience, I enjoy long-haul flight on KLM or Air France. Pretty much any non-US carrier (that isn't a discount airline) is going to give you a nicer time. IMO.

If you want really fancy, fly from TLV to Dubai and then hop on Emirates to Seattle!

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Hi ,

TLV airport is my home airport and I took several flights to Seattle .

Most of them with United , you have few options with United , 11 am flight to EWR which will bring you around 5 PM and than catching flight to Seattle .
11 PM flight which will bring you around 4:30 AM to EWR and you can take 7 am flight to Seattle.
12:30 am flight to San Francisco (SFO) and a quick flight to Seattle .|
10 pm flight to Chicago (ORD) 
the SFO flight is 15 hours  ! to EWR is 12 hours  but if you are taken the Primum or even better the Polaris  its quite easy 🙂  (but expensive) , the day flight I will not recommended if you want to sleep during the flight. 

Other options are delta (two flights , one to NYC one to Atlanta) , American or ElAL which goes to LAX or NYC(or Miami but that not doing any sense).

Beside that you can have tons of option to go via Europe (2  to 5 hours depends on the port) and take many direct flight to Seattle , if it is from London or from Frankfurt/Paris/Amsterdam , you can also have a stop over and tour one of the cities. 

As far as I remember the night flights to NYC/EWR were OK and than a 5 hours flight to Seattle was not that bad (specially if I was upgraded). 

let me know if you have anymore questions .


Regarding business class , Polaris of United is nice , but as other said the Europe companies also very nice , take into consideration that some of the European companies as first beside the business,

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