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I've been trying to find this answer online, and found competing answers. Matt mentioned it briefly on Periscope today--but I couldn't tell exactly what he was referring to.


Is Vintages part of the drink package, or no? I know the flights are over the cost, but do you just have to pay the balance or all of it? Can you get glasses of wine at Vintages on your drink packages? (This is what I wasn't clear on, on the Periscope, as he was pointing to the wine machines.)


We love wine, and I would love to hang out there, but if it's not covered at all then it's a no go. And the fact that it is always so empty leads me to believe the drink packages hinder people from going there.

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I completed a 7 day Anthem cruise a week ago.  We went to Vintages every night.  We frequently ordered wine that was priced just a few dollars a glass over $13 and were only charged the difference.  It's a great bar with great servers.  I know the limit is supposed to be $12 but $13 drinks went through for free.

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