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Vax status no longer needed during check-in?


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29 minutes ago, MattG said:

Hi everyone, 

We're cruising in a few weeks, and the check-in (mobile and online) isn't asking for a photo of the vaccination card. Is this the new normal (back to the old normal)? Is anyone else being prompted to scan/photo their vax cards? 

This is standard now.

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13 minutes ago, Pattycruise said:

For my Canada sailing last week they asked to see the vax card

Good point... I should have said there are exceptions like Canada and Bermuda and maybe some European ports? I believe Canada may be dropping theirs soon.

I always forget about stuff like that since I just repetitively sail around the Caribbean and/or Bahamas. 🤣

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5 hours ago, Paul C said:

Going on cruise in a month out of fort lauderdale.  stops at coco bay, jamaica, labadee.  i have read that I don't need to show proof of vax card to board, but do I have to show it getting off the boat at any of these spots?  

If Royal is not asking for it to board you would not need it to get off the ship.  Any info pertaining to your sailing will be in "health" button on the Royal app so you can double check. 

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1 hour ago, ChessE4 said:

For cruise in Europe airline wants vax info for checkin. So keep foreign requirements in mind.

Also still required to get tested and show proof for our upcoming cruise to Greece. Requirement of Greece not RC.

Happy Cruising!

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