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Royal App Required?

Peter Yang

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First timer on RC. Are we required to have the mobile app to check-in and/or board the ship?  My father-in-law is old school and doesn't have the latest technology (phone). Are we able to just print his boarding pass and show it in person (or use my wife's phone to check all 3 of them in and answer all of their health questionnaire on the same device?) .  Other than his setsail pass, he really has no other use for the app.




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12 minutes ago, Peter Yang said:

Assuming it's not a requirement, does that mean he'll have to do something differently than those with an app when arriving at the port?

If he chooses not to use the app (either via your phone or his own) to check-in they will have to do the whole process there - taking the photo, inputting the passport information, linking a credit card. It will most likely be done in the same line as others but you will see others going through faster than you/him.

I would recommend doing as much as you can via the app. As Don mentioned not every person in the party needs to have the app as check-in can be done for all parties by anyone on the reservation. it really does make things faster, smoother and easier. They terminal staff tend to move very fast and there's a lot of noise, I fear errors in that kind of environment.

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