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  1. For those whose had experienced it in the past or has knowledge of, when there’s a severe storm/hurricane in the western Caribbean (Honduras, Mexico), what ports would Allure most likely visit in exchange. Bahamas? Eastern Caribbean? More Sea days?
  2. my docs just came through the email 2 days ago for my 10/23 sailing (22 days till sailing).
  3. was hoping there would be one on our 10/23 - 10/29 cruise this month as well but unfortunately was told only happens on cruises that has 10/31 in it.
  4. Assuming it's not a requirement, does that mean he'll have to do something differently than those with an app when arriving at the port?
  5. First timer on RC. Are we required to have the mobile app to check-in and/or board the ship? My father-in-law is old school and doesn't have the latest technology (phone). Are we able to just print his boarding pass and show it in person (or use my wife's phone to check all 3 of them in and answer all of their health questionnaire on the same device?) . Other than his setsail pass, he really has no other use for the app. Thanks!
  6. Will be on the Allure 10/23 - 10/29. We have 3 separate parties (18 in all & we all booked separately). Can Royal Caribbean accommodate us by seating us together or close together in the MDR? If so, would I need to call and request? Thanks
  7. Just had our October cruise repriced yesterday and was able to save $450.
  8. Just saw this deal as well. My question is, am I able to cancel my current itinerary (booked 3 weeks ago) and receive this deal without losing my non-refundable deposit? (Saving $400 with this new deal)(Sail date in October)
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