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Shore excursions Southampton, France & Spain


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21 hours ago, Elisha said:

What are the shore excursions like for the Southampton, France & Spain sailing? 

I'm guessing this might be the Anthem OTS itinerary that calls at Bordeaux, Bilbao, La Coruna and Le Havre? If you are already booked, depending on when you're sailing, the excursions may already be showing in your cruise planner.

Otherwise, you can go into the app, select Anthem of the Seas and the September 4 - 11 sailing. Then click on the excursions icon at the bottom and you'll be able to see some of the excursions offered on that particular cruise. Note that potentially not all of the excursions will appear in the app and they may not be exactly the same for other sailings doing the same itinerary, but at least you'll get an idea.

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6 hours ago, Elisha said:

Yes, this is the one but I’m not booked until July 2023

Too early for that date, but this is a regular itinerary that is repeated several times over the season, so if you have a look at the 4th of September sailing, you will get an idea of what's likely to be on offer. Then it's a case of checking your cruise planner regularly and sooner or later they'll show up.

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I was just on this cruise and wrote a live blog every day on the RCB website: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/category/category/anthem-of-the-seas-live-blog

My advice: excursions aren't necessary in any ports EXCEPT if you want to go into Paris.

La Rochelle: extremely cute and walkable town center, you can spend the day just wandering the harbor, eating lunch at a restaurant, etc.

Bilbao: take the Royal Caribbean shuttle to Bilbao city center and walk around yourself. Visit Guggenheim museum if interested and Bilbao's old town of Casco Viejo. Getxo (the cruise port area) is also nice to walk around. Read the live blog from there for more info!

La Coruña: another nice city center right outside the port with cafes, restaurants, etc. Walk to the Tower of Hercules yourself instead of taking an excursion. There is a really nice walking trail near the tower that goes around the whole coastline. It is very scenic!

Le Havre is a little more complicated because it is the "Paris" port but Paris is very far away from the city. The excursions to Paris are expensive, but I wouldn't recommend traveling there without an excursion due to how far away it is. You don't want to risk missing the ship! There was, however, a board of independent tours listed right when you got off the ship in Le Havre and walked outside the terminal doors. The excursions were cheaper on this board, although not from Royal Caribbean.

I opted to just stay in Le Havre and had a nice, chill day walking around the beach area and eating at a cafe and creperie.

It was an amazing itinerary! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Le Havre is great to walk around.  The Malraux Museum houses the largest Impressionist collection in France outside of Paris. Lots of interesting street art. 


We didn't do anything in Southampton, but went to the Isle of Wight after our cruise was done. Stayed close to Osborne House, but they have a great bis system. From Southampton it's easy to get to Stonehenge on a day tour. 

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