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On 6/14/2023 at 3:25 PM, Robbydj13 said:

Any further update as far as what is available to drink on the ship, or buy by the bottle? Anyone on a recent sailing care to weigh in....  going on Oasis in a month and again in December

Please post what they have in Oasis when you are in Port Merchant.

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Was on the Oasis of the Seas in December, want to keep the information coming on this thread so here's what was available:

At bars: Basically what you see on the menus online. Pretty much all bars have Buffalo Trace, Makers Mark, Jack Daniels and Gentleman Jack, Balcones, Jim Beam, Bulleit. Only some bars had Wild Turkey 101. No Four roses single barrel. Pretty sad selection, but I typically just had Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey 101 when I could. 

In the merchant shop onboard: Even poorer selection unfortunately, I don't remember the specific bottles but absolutely nothing impressed me. All stuff you could find on any shelf at any liquor store in the states. No buffalo trace, no blantons. They had Elijah Craig, Jack Daniels, some duty free jack Daniels special, and pretty much not much else.

Hopefully they expand their selection in the future. Heading on the symphony in a month, would love to know what's on the other ships now a days. 

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