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Drink Package Was In Cart A LONG Time - Previous Price Honored!!!


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Has this been discussed at all recently?

I put the Deluxe Beverage Package in my cart MANY weeks ago when the price was at the lowest I had seen, but I did not commit to buying it.

Ever since, I saw the price substantially increase twice while the price in the cart held steady.

I decided to buy it and see if my in-cart price would be honored an it was!  (And ya know if not, I could've just cancelled!)

My order history, email receipt, and my credit card charges all confirm that I got it at the previous price that was offered.

Has anyone experienced this with the drink packages or any other items in the Cruise Planner?


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  • SPS changed the title to Drink Package Was In Cart A LONG Time - Previous Price Honored!!!

@SPSyes, I noticed the same thing!  It wasn't on a drink package but it was on something else, maybe an excursion or specialty restaurant.  But I put it in the card and meant to go back to it later.  Kept watching the pricing change and increase so I figured I'd better make my purchase and the price in the cart was honored!  pretty cool!

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A few posters have mentioned this recently.  It's likely a new programming bug in your favor.  I highly doubt Royal really wants their cart system to work this way (since it's the opposite of basically every online shopping system).  Probably best we don't advertise it too much or they might get around to fixing it faster!

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