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2 cabins, 1 wins Royal Up

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I have two cabins booked a Jr Suite (adults) and CP Balcony (2 teens). If my Jr Suite bid wins a Royal Up for a 2 bd grand suite. Can my entire family spend our sailing in the 2 BD suite? Will anyone notice that “extra people “ are in the room? 

Also, what will happen to my CP Balcony? I know we can’t cancel it, but is it ok if we leave it empty?


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You can request extra keys for any cabin but those keys have no suite powers.  Their names will not be associated to the suite so any suite perks don't apply to them.  No suite lounge, no suite restaurant privileges, no suite internet plans if on Quantum or Oasis class, no suite seating areas in venues, etc.   Everything on the ship will see them as guests in their actual (non-suite) cabin.  

The cabin attendant will know.  That person will not get their proper allocation of gratuity since the cabin attendant of the empty cabin will.  It could possibly be an issue as it relates to muster capacity depending on the muster station for their actual cabin vs. the suite muster station.  

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Yes, it’s fine to leave it empty and move everyone into the 2BR GS.  Nobody monitors (or cares) where your family sleeps.  You will be able to get extra room keys through the Suites Concierge.  Just be aware that only those person actually booked into the GS will be eligible for Suites amenities….so whoever was booked into the CP balcony will not technically  be able to get any suite perks. Would they be allowed to dine with the rest of the family in the Coastal Kitchen ?  Technically, no.  Whether it would be allowed would be a coin toss.

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Thanks everyone for responding!

I already purchased the teens a Voom and refreshment pkg. They are 15 and 16 so my hubby and I can enjoy the suite lounge (and maybe CK) without them. We always tip our stateroom attendants a lil extra for great service (which we usually get), but I didn’t think about them missing out on standard gratuities when more ppl are added. 

Is there anything else I should be mindful of? I really just liked the idea of us all being in one room. However, the costs for all 2BD suites were too expensive when we booked.

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