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Navigator of the Seas balcony stateroom question


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Hi y’all!

We’ll be on Navigator of the Seas this fall, on our very first cruise!!! Doing the Mexican Riviera 7 day and so excited! We booked room 9390 and I can’t for the life of me find any mentions of it online…like if it’s obstructed or anything about the balcony…all I know is that it’s an aft corner room so I’m guessing it’s got a different configuration than a traditional balcony room?

Anyone here got any info or suggestions on how I might find out more about it? 

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On 3/20/2022 at 12:56 PM, SpeedNoodles said:

It's going to look exactly like this one, but on the opposite corner of the ship.

Aft balconies are the bomb.  Enjoy!


SpeedNoodles ( or anyone else that can answer ),

I am possibly considering a cruise on the Navigator of the Seas and wanted to get a balcony room as well.   There are 4 people in my cabin ( myself, my wife and 2 teenage kids ).    I've been trying to find videos or pictures of the bed configuration to figure out if there is a pullman bed or not.

There would be the Queen bed for my wife and myself.  I know that there is a sofa bed, but don't know if that converts to a single Double/Queen sized bed for 2 people or if there is an additional pullman bed ( that pops down from the ceiling or side ).   

Does anyone know if the Balcony rooms have a pullman bed along with the sofa bed?

Given that the kids are now big enough to have their own bed and it's uncomfortable for me to share a bed with my son ( whose bigger than me ), I'd really have to having enough beds for everyone.

Thanks in advance

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@CableKC, check out the deck plans for Navigator. It will tell you bed configurations for each cabin type. But don't think the sofa bed is really meant for 2 large teens. Have you thought about connecting balcony cabins? Going to cost more but: more room, bigger balcony, 2 bathrooms, privacy if needed and a place to send your kids, if needed, without taking up space in your cabin.

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