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Supercross is Saturday how do I view on board

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When the ship leaves the US it is considered international so sporting events are subject to each sport’s rules for viewing internationally.  There are ESPN International channels on the TV system which show internationally approved sporting events.  It’s possible they’ll carry it but that’s uncertain.

Your best bet will likely be an app and a paid Internet streaming plan depending on the ship.  However the app provider might block you when international.   

Set your DVR and watch it when you get home is the fall back.  

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29 minutes ago, Nathan adams said:

Supercross is at 7pm eastern time on CNBC or the peacock app. Any idea if they offer those channels onboard or if they will show in a bAr or lounge?

I'm an addict. 

Hey see you on the roll call, I have the internet package and peacock, if it's not playing anywhere and family is tied up maybe we could meet and watch via phone stream on peacock?  Otherwise maybe playmakers would have it on?  PM me if ya want, if I can help and get away from fam for a bit I'm down.

Used to race motorcross,drag bikes etc.  Father used to own a dealership for 40+ years and he's still hooked, I moved to motorsports and racing cars since having kids.

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