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Grand Suite Freedom here we come!

D Alt

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Some thoughts post trip:

The key is worth it if you are not in a suite.  The priority embarkation and debarkation with the suite however was so amazing! Getting to bypass everyone and get onboard and offboard was priceless. I am now spoiled for a grand suite. I mean the spaciousness, the bathroom! 

They were not leaving hard form Cruise compasses in your room anymore you had to ask for them. Everything was on the TV. 

Johnny Rockets was not open for breakfast on this trip. 

I am glad I got the UDP. 

The suite lounge happy hour was very nice. MJ was super accommodating in making reservations for me. 

Bring your own sustainable straw.  I can't stress how glad I was to do this on this trip. Those paper ones suck and do not mix with frozen drinks. 

The wait staff comedy duo of Erhan and Erhan on Freedom are a must-sit at their section. The Happy Corner! 

The comedian Rich Aronovitch is hilarious and apparently he was dancing on the pool deck the last day and I missed him!!!! 

Overall, Freedom was nice but I was surprised because I thought I wouldn't be able to see every section of the ship.  But actually, even on a 3-nighter, I saw it all. I am eager to see how Oasis class is and if I like bigger. 

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