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Oasis of the Seas internet issue at night

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We were on Oasis back in Dec 2021 and had bandwidth issues with streaming during the evenings. My husband and I both work in IT and attributed this to resource congestion from more people using the WiFi like us, streaming or video, which uses a lot more of the WiFi capacity than general browsing during the day time. 

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We’re currently onboard and have the basic Surf package. 

Each night, we’ve been busy from 7-1030 pm with dinner and shows, but haven’t not noticed any issues before or after.  

I have sent occasional text/picture messages during that time frame, and my wife had posted things in Facebook with no problems  

The first day, I did have to turn my phone off/on to get any kind of connection.  

Also, my vpn can screw up the connection sometimes. 

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I am a computer programmer and I work on most of my cruises.  I have to remote into our server, so I watch the speed on all of my cruises.  As a general rule this is what happens.

  • In the morning before 9 am the speeds are pretty good because many of the cruisers are still asleep or gust getting around.
  • between 9 am and 3 pm it gets slower because the ship is awake, and people are checking emails and posting social media. o
  • between 3 pm and 7 pm it is pretty good speeds because people are busy with dinner
  • between 7 pm and 11 pm it slows down a lot because people are streaming movies and doing internet phone calls.
  • between midnight and 2:30 am or 3 am it is impossible to use the internet.  The ship is taking all the bandwidth sending all of the day's receipts and information back to the home office.
  • Between 3 am and 7 am the internet is very good.  This is the time of day I can remote to my severs back home and do all of my work with no slowdown.
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