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Spectrum of Seas - Singapore April 2022

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Looks like a sea vaccinated travel lane (VTL) may be launching soon from Singapore! Singapore already has air VTL with both Malaysia and Thailand. The Hong Kong travel restriction is making cruising not feasible, probably the main reason to move this ship out of HK.


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On yesterday China's Civil Aviation Authority order both US and Chinese carrier to temporarily cancel all flights (which were limited to begin with) to China do to Omicron.  While that is interesting that isn't the real news that caught my attention.  What caught my attention is when the China's Civil Aviation Authority stated they do not expect any recovery in China's travel industry until 2023 (no that is not a mistake they said 2023) at the earliest. Airlines may be allowed to resume their limited schedule at some point in late January or early February but some airlines have responded to this order by cancelling all flights to/from the US to China through mid-February.


Given the immense restrictions China intends to keep place on all sectors of the travel industry this move by Royal does not surprise me. Get Spectrum out of China cancel those itineraries and launch Spectrum from Singapore. It is unfortunate for the Chinese market and Royal's loyal customers in China but at this point in January of 2022 I get the feeling it will take years (perhaps 3-5 years) for the Chinese cruise industry to recover and approach anything near where they were in 2019 and that is if they open and relax travel restriction in China in 2023. 

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21 hours ago, Chili said:

Wasn’t Quantum supposed to be going to Alaska about then. There was speculation who was going to replace it.

Quantum is going to Alaska in the spring of 2022, the link to the article is talking about Spectrum of the Seas which for now is schedule to resume cruising out of Shanghai in April then move to Singapore in October.  Now according to the article Royal will move Spectrum of the Seas, starting in April she will cruise out of Singapore not China. This means China has not only lost Wonder of the Seas, China will loose Spectrum as well at least temporarily. 

China's lost is Singapore's gain although I'm not sure when Royal intends to update the website.  

it is obvious Royal's Singapore cruises even the cruises to no where were very successful. However I do wonder when Royal will resume cruising from Australia but I'm not sure if Royal has any control over that at this point in time.

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12 hours ago, Chili said:

How does the crown & anchor system work on spectrum?

Theres the silver and gold. Someone said in China diamonds where allowed into the solarium and the suite area.

Diamonds are allowed in the Solarium (or they were pre covid). The Diamond Lounge is actually right next to the Silver Dining venue and had unrestricted solarium access.

Diamonds are not allowed in the suite area until staying in a suite themselves.

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