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Europe 2022


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Anyone keeping up with the latest on cruising in Europe? 

I have a cruise on Wonder in June 2022 (Rome, Naples, Mallorca, Barcelona, Marseilles, and Livorno).  I'm wondering specifically about the shore excursions.  I understand that Italy was requiring "bubble" excursions in 2021, is that still the case?  Was it just Italy or the entire EU?

Any other major differences between what we are seeing in the US?   Obviously, a lot could change one way or the other, but I want to get some ship excursions booked if they are likely to be required.

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I would just book and hope for the best!

As you mention things can and will change before you cruise so its certain that whats happening today will be different come June, we just have to hope that come June its changed for the better as Europe is going backwards with countries reintroducing measures to stem the new variant 

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5 minutes ago, SebagoSue said:

@wordell1 I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience, as we have the same cruise booked out of Rome in September. It will be interesting  to see how having passengers board in both Barcelona and Rome works.

It's definitely confusing but I guess they have been running it this way for a while.  I was looking over the ship excursions and will probably book some just to be sure.  I'm not showing anything listed for Barcelona, which for us is a stop.  

I have private tours with Romeinlimo.com planned for all of the Italy stops, but that won't work if we are restricted. 

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@wordell1 and @SebagoSue, Wonder is doing the standard 7-night western Med that the Oasis class ships do when they come over to this side of the pond. They have been doing the interporting thing (which is the name given to the procedure of having more than one embarkation port) for several years now.

On the whole, it does not greatly impact passengers but since you are boarding in Rome there will be a slight impact, caused by the fact that Barcelona is considered the home port, while Rome is secondary. This means that events such as welcome aboard and farewell parties will be out of kilter with your schedule. Also, you may find you have difficulty with making excursion bookings and/or with the app because Royal's IT isn't too great at handling the whole interporting thing.

One thing you will definitely notice is when the Barcelona people put their luggage out in the corridors on their last night. But since it's not your last night, you get to smile smugly because you still have a few more days. 😆

As for the bubble excursions, unfortunately it's impossible to know at this stage whether they will stiil be required next summer. I did the exact same itinerary from Barcelona end September / beginning of October. At that time, it was possible to do your own thing in Spanish ports but bubble excursions were required in Italy. If your budget allows you to pay out in advance for tours you may well cancel later then it is definitely a good idea to book some ship excursions now, while the prices are (kind of) sensible. Last year, as soon as it was announced that bubble excursions were required, everything shot up in price - in some cases to more than double (e.g. the Capri excursion from Naples went from $103 to $230)!


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