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How early is disembarkation


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Self assist early walk off is the first to leave the ship after clearance from local authorities. That’s where you have all of your luggage with you and need no assistance. It depends on the time that the ship arrives in port which is usually early in the morning…as long as there are no delays. On the Anthem in Bayonne, we usually start disembarking between 6:30 and 7:00.

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3 hours ago, rfsdvm said:

Thanks for the info....will definitely plan to do the self assist...have an 11am flight, 

sounds like it should be do'able.

If you want to be one of the first in line, you need to arrive before the posted time for self-assist.   In our experience, Oasis-class ships unloaded faster with two lines.  I am not sure about your situation, however.

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15 hours ago, rfsdvm said:

Sailing on odyssey on dec 26…wondering under current protocols how early you can disembark.   Previously on celebrity we were able just keep our luggage and carry it off pretty early.  Any recent cruisers care to comment?


It all depends on when they open the doors, on my most recent Symphony cruise although we were back in port by 4am and they showed doors opening at 6am they actually didn't open the doors until 7am, they advised passengers of the change in door opening on the last day of the cruise.

Hopefully you are not asking this question because you have a tight connection to a flight out of FLL.  Even though FLL is close to Port Everglades I wouldn't try to catch a flight before 10 am just in case they don't open the doors at the time noted on your cruise documents.

Our cruise returned to Port Miami on November 6th and even with Royal not opening the doors until 7am and my husband and I walking off with our luggage by the time we got outside the terminal there were no cabs and there were quite a few people who were first off the ship trying to catch 8am and 8.30am flights out of MIA standing in the taxi line waiting for cabs. We ended up standing there for quite some time waiting for a cab, so keep that in mind although you may be first off the ship you could still run into the situation where you are waiting 15-20 minutes or more for a cab. If I had to estimate I would say we waited outside Terminal A about 20 minutes for a cab on November 6th because there is still a shortage of cab drivers. 

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