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Cruising weather from Bayonne


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The good thing about cruising from Bayonne in winter/early spring is being on the Anthem. The Solarium is completely enclosed in glass and heated. The large indoor family pool is also enclosed. There’s a lot to do in the SeaPlex and Two70…and on the Esplanade. Anthem is perfect for cold-weather sail-outs. 
As far as outdoor temperatures…usually it takes a day and a half, once we get around Cape Hattaras into the Gulf Stream where temperatures warm up. 
I usually pack enough cold weather clothing for boarding day and disembarkation day. I’ll pack a sweater or plan on layers if I want to go on deck while it’s still cool on the second or next to last day. March weather in Jersey can be fickle. Sometimes ‘in like a lion, out like a lamb’ becomes ‘it’s freakin coooold’ all month. Plan accordingly.🤔

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The major issue I see quickly approaching regarding cruising from Bayonne…is the procedure at the terminal.

Pre-Covid…whatever time we arrived, we entered the terminal and went through security…then checked in. We then were directed to seats and waited for boarding to commence. Now, of course, due to physical distancing protocols, if anyone arrives before their specified arrival time…they will most likely be forced to remain outside until their time. Many are used to the pre-Covid procedure and don’t realize it has been changed so they just show up early. To be fair, the arrival time has never been enforced before and even receiving pre-cruise emails warning about sticking to your time apparently is not very effective. There are usually long lines of people waiting outside.
The problem is NJ in winter is very cold, windy and wet. Forcing people to remain out in the cold with very little cover…in particular those who didn’t bring their own car…will be a problem. I’m hoping Royal is planning on doing something to prepare for this eventuality. 

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