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Our Royal Up experience

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There is about 10 posts about Royal Up and I wasn’t sure which one to attach this to so I figured I would just make a new post for anyone interested. 

We are Emerald Status on a 4 night sailing on Indy of the Seas out of Galveston. (10/25).  We booked a Junior suite and with this cruise it will make us Diamond.  

I never got the email for a Royal Up offer, but used the website that one of you posted and made 2 bids.  

One was for slightly over minimum on a Grand Suite and the other was $50 over the min for an Owner’s Suite.  

3 days ago I noticed our Grand suite offer expired, but Owners was still pending.  It wouldn’t let me cancel or modify it.  I have been checking the amount of rooms available the past 3 weeks regularly.  There were 17 Grand and 7 Owners still available. 

Lucky for us we were awarded one of the Owner’s suites this morning.  (4 days prior to sailing).  They sent us a new check in booklet via email and I was able to print off our new bag tags and updated Set Sail pass.  Also I noticed it had refreshed with the new room on the Royal App.  

We saved $1600 by getting lucky enough to win this Royal Up vs buying the room outright.  When I tried to make a mock bid this afternoon it only shows 2 bedroom Grand suites and Junior suites left. 

Hope this info helps.

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18 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

By "check-in booklet"' do you mean they sent new Edocs?  I just got a RoyalUp today as well, but I didn't see that they sent me any new documents or luggage tags.  My Set Sail pass is updated.

It says Guest Ticket Booklet.  I also noticed if you log in on the Rccl website, click on your sailing, and then below your set sail pass there is a spot to click on bag tags.  You should be able to find your updated ones there.  

PS Congrats on the upgrade and in fact I owe you a thank you!  One of your posts reminded me about Royal Up.  We usually never do it because our kids are always booked in a connecting room to us.  Finally my wife and I get a cruise alone thanks to my Mother in Law who offered to watch the kids.  

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