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Royal Up & Double Points Promotion

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You will only get the points associated with your original cruise.   I was going from Balcony to suite on a Royal Up and was  told I would not get the extra suite points.  Just the double points for the balcony.  That was one reason I did a Royal Up for suite double points, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way  Sorry

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Correct. C&A points are for the original cabin category. If you had a balcony or lower category, you should have received 1 point per night…3 nights equals 3 points. Double that equals 6 points total.

If you originally booked a suite, including a Junior Suite (not RoyalUpped into one) than another point per night. 3 nights equals 6 points. Double that equals 12 points total.

I get the Trifecta! I’m usually sailing solo, in a suite, so I get 1 point per night…plus another point for being solo…and still another for being in a suite. That’s 3 points per night. Double that equals 6 points per night. So for me, a seven night cruise totals 42 points! This makes up for all the cruises I had to cancel last year.

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