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Itinerary Changes - how soon before sailing do they notify you?

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Curious how soon you all are seeing itinerary changes that you know are coming? For example, my Nov 7-14 Liberty cruise is supposed to go to Grand Cayman and Falmouth, however my understanding is that those 2 ports are not accepting cruise ships. I booked my excursions forever ago for those 2 places, so I'd like to figure out where we are *actually* going so I can replan.

Additionally, anyone that has sailed to Cozumel recently - were you not able to get off the ship unless you were on an booked excursion through Royal? I have reservations at Nachi Cocom and I will be super pi$$ed if I am not allowed to go there and they're not telling us until we board. 

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We were in Cozumel a couple of weeks ago. If you are vaccinated you can get off the ship and go on any excursion you wish. If you are not vaccinated then you need to take a Royal Excursion. The wife and I were the only ones traveling and we booked our own excursion to the beach. There were families there with unvaccinated children but they are in their own designated area as were we. Only overlap was when we were in the water, restrooms and water slide (for me). As far as I know they did not restrict anyone from going to the downtown area. Cannot say for sure as we did not go there.

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