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When does Dining reservations open?


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Sure this will turn out to be a dumb question  but oh well.....


Booked Anthem for next summer 9 night Caribbean. Seems on My Cruise page I am unable to book any dining, beverage or even change my dining type. Is there a time period this opens or since I have an outstanding payment due I am unable to book any items for my cruise such as dining? Assuming the answer is yes and that would make sense to me just confirming. 

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Not a dumb question at all !


Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this one. Dining rez can open at most any time but you can expect it to be open at LEAST 60 -90 days prior to sail date.


My upcoming Harmony dining will have been open for nearly a year by the time we finally sail in Feb 17 but my upcoming Navigator Christmas 16 dining bookings just opened up a couple of weeks ago approx 140 days out.


There's just no right answer to this question. I truly have no earthly idea what the criteria is for opening up the dining reservations ! They just do it when they do it. Keep checking.


...and it doesn't have anything to do with whether not you have an outstanding balance, BTW.


If you want to change your dining option, I recommend you call RCI directly or have your TA call for you if you used one. The sooner you get that changed the more likely you are to get the option you really want.

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