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Anthem of the Seas Cafe 270 and Promenade Cafe

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We are booked on a UK sailing from Southampton this August (fingers crossed!)

We have sailed on the Oasis and Freedom class ships and are used to going, in the evenings, to the Promenade Cafe to get our speciality coffees that are included with the drinks package.

I've noticed that the Cafe 270 is the venue for speciality coffees on the Anthem, but it appears to close at 5pm every day.  The Promenade Cafe, although open 24 hours, doesn't seem to offer a speciality coffee menu.  From what I can see from ship tours on youtube, it looks like they just offer the complimentary coffee, tea and water.

We were looking forward to having late night speciality coffees but it looks like that won't be an option.  Does anyone know if this is the case?

Thankyou, it's not the end of the world but I'm just curious!

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This post contains some menus from around the ship including La Patisserie.


The hours for La Patisserie appear to be 6am to 11pm for July in the UK according to the app.

This is from sister ship Ovation and the cafe in the Esplanade AKA cafe Promenade. 




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