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Does a TA benefit from a Upgraded Casino Cruise

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Is there a benefit to a TA if I was able to transfer a Royal Caribbean Casino Cruise to that TA.

 For example:

 I receive a free cruise offer for an Interior stateroom and I upgrade that free cruise to a Balcony.  Let’s say the cost to me was $500.00 which they require me to pay in full at the time of reservation.



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Yes, if a TA is able to manage your booking, even if it is a comp cruise, there is a benefit to them.  For one, it increases their numbers/volume, which is a benefit.  If you upgrade your comp then I believe that the TA will receive a commission on the upgrade.  I'm not 100% certain on this one...but I feel pretty comfortable with that answer.

Let me add here.....that it is often difficult (but not impossible) for a PIF booking to be moved.  Once you book a comp cruise - even if you upgrade it - you must pay the balance in full.  In the past, it was fairly easy for my TA to go out and "grab" a full paid casino comp and move it to her control.  Since the "global pause" it has not been easy at all.  In fact, it has been nearly impossible.  I currently have 9 casino bookings.  I have control of all of them b/c it was just an act of futility to ask @michelleto go and try and move them.  It was work for her that produced no benefit. Just to show how selfless she is, she said that if I could ask the casino to allow her to have access to the booking (but not control, meaning that she would get NOTHING from this at all) then she would be happy to help monitor the booking.  I would never ask her to do that !  So for now, I just have control of all of them.  I would move them to her in a HEARTBEAT if I could.  They have all been upgraded to suits and she could benefit.

Having said that, I say try it and see !

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