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St. Lucia Pitons


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I'm heading to St. Lucia for the first time in 2022.  I'm torn between taking an excursion from the port south to see the Pitons (I just want to lay my eyes on them), or heading north to Rainforest Adventures in Castries where we can do better activities for the family.  We won't have time to do both.  Any chance the ship goes around the south end of the island where I could see the Pitons before or after docking?  That would be good enough for me.  We'll be coming from Antigua to St. Lucia to Barbados if that matters.

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The path the ship can take can be highly variable.  With islands so close relatively speaking they can sometimes take a meandering path over night resulting in an approach you might not predict.  Other ships can cause them to deviate from a direct path.   Consequently they might take a path where you can see the Pitons or they might not.  

Having done a coastal cruise from the port to see them I was able to check off the Pitons check box but I was somewhat underwhelmed.  If your family has a more interesting day planned I'd be tempted to do that activity and hope for the best on the sail out.

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I have been on that itinerary before and was just as interested in the Pitons as you! I went with the Castries zipline and Aerial tram (worth it, I loved it!!) and missed seeing the Pitons but we DID see them as the ship headed south to Barbados. 

These are the last glimpses we saw before dinner so I think you should be able to see them! We sailed in August and left port at 6pm so the sunset time may be a factor. Hopefully your cabin is on the port side? Or park yourself on a deck on that side about 30-40 minutes after leaving harbor and you'll be golden. 



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