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MSC Cruises Specific Blogs?


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Hopefully I don’t get too much grief for posing this inquiry. 

But, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a blog, similar to this one, that is as helpful but specific to MSC Cruises. 

Google just returns cruise critic post and a few random general cruising sites. 



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You might want to look at cruisehabit.com, run by @monorailmedic. He's not 100% MSC, but has done some recent live blogs of sailings with them and has a newly-created forums section where MSC questions are more likely to be answered. The forums are still quite new, and the Covid pandemic has kind of killed new postings there for the time, but if you post I'm sure Billy or others there will be happy to answer.

There are also a couple of us here, like @Lovetocruise2002, who have sailed MSC and might be able to help if you have a specific question. Just might want to handle it over messaging here to avoid "polluting" the main boards. ? ?

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As @JLMoran mentioned I have some MSC content up (link to all posts tagged with MSC below).


If you click on the first love blog post above it links to the rest of them.

I suspect we'll be on MSC again in short order once sailing is again possible - potentially within weeks of it being an option, and we'll be sure to post a live blog then as well.  Let me know if there are any specific questions you have.

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