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Can someone please help me to understand how to get a military discount through RCCL? First off, Yes, I am retired US military.


I live in the UK and military retired benefits are a topic that is just not recognized.  I was on a Baltic Sea cruise in August on Brilliance OTS and booked a next cruise while onboard.  I was told that they did not know how to apply the military discount on the onboard booking.  So, I booked anyway with the belief that I could contact them when I got home and get it applied that way.  


I returned home and transferred my booking to my local travel agent as they tell you to do.  The cruise is paid off, however not yet at the payment deadline date.


I wrote to RCCL to ask about the discount and the reply was:


"I kindly advise that we offer a 10% military discount on direct bookings, meaning when you booking directly with us through our call centre or online. In your case the booking has been transferred to your preferred travel agency, so at this time your booking would not be eligible for the military discount."


So, I cannot get the discount at the Next Cruise desk?  I cannot get the discount because I use a UK travel agent? 


I have replied and asked for more clarification.  I'll keep you posted.


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Not military myself but one of the group that travels with us is and he always has me ask.


As far as I have been able to tell the military discount for RCI is like the resident discounts and is only offered at certain times on certain cruises (basically as a marketing promo). On the cruises I have priced for him we have only gotten the military discount to come up one time out of about a dozen or so that we have looked at.


I could be completely wrong but that has been my experience in asking for it.

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It took nearly a week but RCCL finally got back to me:

I kindly advise that Military Discounts are only applicable to direct bookings, and I understand you booked onboard, however it was given to your travel agent and they have taken over the booking with their ABTA. Once the booking was changed to travel agency booking, we are no longer able to apply the military discount as it is no longer a direct booking created under our ABTA.


Whether you reside in the US or the UK, you could still benefit from receiving the military discount; what changes are the terms and conditions for each market. In our UK Market these are the terms to be able to apply for the military discount, it may not be the same terms and conditions for our US Market.


If you make a future booking with us and want to take advantage of the military discount through the UK Market, than you will need to book directly with us via the website or call centre.


Just thought you'd all like to know what they say.  It may apply to you as well.

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