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Chat function via Royal App?

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Perhaps I am just late to the game but did you guys see this? Just popped up on the Royal app for November 2020 Oasis cruise. Hopefully that means no more having to find creative ways to stay in touch with your sailing group, buying Voom, or using your phone plan data so long as you can chat with them via the Royal app. Yay! 🤗


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Nice! I hope so, our stateroom white board outside our door (even Thanksgiving "family" week) suffered some very shall I say interesting drawings by those passing by. Not to say we didn't laugh (mostly, wish I thought to take pics) but the white board HAD to be removed after about day 3 early a.m. because honestly as the week went on it was getting a bit frightening when looking at that door, lol. We had this type of communication on the other cruise line and it did work amazingly well, we enjoyed it a great deal. Super convenient. 


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Historically this would appear for me for Allure cruises before boarding but not other ships.  Now virtually all ships show this icon, even Empress.

They could be testing it fleet wide using the crew that are on board to validate functionality.  

While I'm hopeful this will mean it's soon to be available fleet wide we won't know until cruises restart.

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