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Need some out-of-the-box thinking re: a group at Coco Cay

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I'm hoping to pick your brains for ideas on Coco Cay for a group of people.

We have a family cruise booked for March 2022 for 10 people ranging in age from 9 to 77, all with different interests. Our common goal is that we'd like to spend (most of? part of?) the day together without breaking the bank. However we can't land on anything that we all agree to which is where I'd like to get your help.

We all like the idea of having a cabana to use as a "home base" for hanging out, putting our bags, etc.

  • My 2 nephews (who will be age 17 and 14) want to do Thrill Waterpark.
  • I'm a princess and want to be treated like one! (lol). So my interest is the Coco Beach Club, preferably with a cabana. Quiet, shaded and not-crowded.
  • DH wants to relax in serenity in the shade and not spend too much money
  • DD (9) has stars in her eyes for my niece (16) and will follow her anywhere. The niece is an angel who is happy to have DD by her side. She is interested in the Thrill Waterpark but would be happy pretty much anywhere.
  • My mom wants the family to be together and to have someone serve drinks to her.
  • My step-dad doesn't want to spend too much money. He also wants shade.
  • My sister and her hubby like the Oasis pool with the swim-up bar.

One constraint: we want the kids to be able to access us throughout the day e.g. if we are in the Beach Club, then we'd need to get Beach Club passes for the kids as well in addition to Thrill Waterpark passes.

Can anyone solve this unsolvable puzzle?

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Cabanas max out at 8 people so you may be in a situation where not everyone will be able to access your cabana.  The Chill Island cabanas, Oasis Lagoon cabanas and South Beach cabanas do have an option where you can add extra people for $50 each.  However it appears that the Beach Club cabanas don't have this option.

I would say go for the South Beach cabana and add the extra two people once you get onboard for $50 each.   That way your entire party will be able to meet up at the cabana.  You will have food/drink service and South Beach is a bit calmer than the Oasis Lagoon and Chill Island cabanas.  Those who want to can come and go to the Oasis pool.  Then get the kids the waterpark passes.  The ages shouldn't be an issue as the 9 year old will be with the 16 year old. 

If any of the adults are interested in visiting the waterpark as well you should keep an eye on the waterpark cabana prices as they include 6 admissions to the waterpark.  Sometimes the prices work out where it's cheaper per person to just get the cabana at the waterpark over buying individual admission, so you'd have one at the waterpark and one at South Beach.

Currently pulling the prices off of my April 2022 cruise, it's running:

  • South Beach cabana - $399 (includes 8 people, can opt to add 2 more onboard)
  • Thrill Waterpark pass - $79/each
  • Thrill Waterpark cabana with up to 6 passes - $699
  • Coco Beach Club pass - $79/each adult, $55/each child
  • Coco Beach Club floating cabana - $1,049 (max 8 people, includes Beach Club access)
  • Coco Beach Club cabana - $999 (max 8 people, includes Beach Club access)
  • Oasis Lagoon cabana - $549 (includes 8 people, can opt to add 2 more onboard)
  • Chill Island cabana - $549 (includes 8 people, can opt to add 2 more onboard)

The South Beach cabanas are the furthest away from the dock and activities, so they tend to run cheaper.  But to me that would me the most cost effective way for everyone who wants the shade and service to have access to it.  There are trams that run throughout Coco Cay and it's really not a terrible walk from the Oasis Lagoon pool or the waterpark if you do not have any mobility issues.

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