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Coco Cay Wave Jet Tour


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21 hours ago, Jax said:

Yes that is one of the videos I watched!!  Looks like a lot of fun...and nice if there is a group all wanting to do something together.  

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46 minutes ago, PaulRC said:

This does not seem to be an option on my Oct 2021 visit.. ?

It’s possible it may be added closer to your sail date. I just checked my cruise planner and the tour shows on my April 2021 sailing but not yet on my April 2022 sailing. Pretty sure I have seen excursions added the closer you get to your sailing so I would keep checking. ?

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7 minutes ago, Jax said:

This is good to hear. I am thinking this may be a good break for hubby and son from our floating cabana ☀️

They will love it!!!   I have only done it once at Disney World with my daughter, who loved it also, and am dieing to ride one again.  I am going with 2 other couples and all the guys have singed up for it.  I am guessing well for my wife there it is not a guess she wants a spa day while I am on the wave runner...   lol

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My one and only experience (so far) on a jetski was at CocoCay last year.

For a first timer I thought it was fun.

We had a group of +\- 10 skis, some singles, some doubles.

They tried to put the "better" riders at the front and those they would be slower at the back but it didnt always work right so we were shifting in order as we went to try and smooth out the kinks.

Basically it was a single file ride out and part way around the island and then back. You had to stay in line and were supposed to stay spaced out to avoid collisions but they seemed to be fairly forgiving with how much space was required if you bunched up a bit.

The lead driver would try to set a fast pace and then every now and then again we would all stop and let the trail catchup before doing another leg.

For an experienced rider i would say probably a frustrating/annoying experience to be held to a course and a pace set by another, but for an inexperienced rider it was nice not to worry about "where am i going" "is that a rock" etc and just focus on enjoying it.

I would probably be ok with doing it a couple more times just for the experience but would probably look for something different once i was comfortable with the jetski riding and looking for a different type of experience.

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