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Upgrade to Rm 1102 On Indy But Can't Find Info

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The kids and I will be traveling on Indy in mid-July (I refuse to believe otherwise, I NEED a cruise!). I've already paid it off but was still watching the prices in case I could swing an upgrade. Joy of joys I was able to upgrade from a balcony to a JS. Now here's the weird part. It's room 1102 on Independence and for some bizarre reason I can't find anything on this room. I see it's on a tiny hallway off the solarium, supposedly has a bigger than usual balcony but when I try to find pictures, video, anything there is NOTHING. Like the room is a black hole that no one has ever come back from. I see postings about this mythical hallway, but there are no pictures. Like there's a secret club and once you're in you're not allowed to share it's secrets. 

Does anyone have any info on this room? I'm a pretty laid back traveler so I went ahead and took the upgrade but now I'm wondering what I've gotten the kids and I into. 

Thanks for any info, 


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