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Should you pre-purchase everything or are there deals when you get on the ship?

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I will be going on my first cruise on the Ovation of the Seas in April (to the South Pacific from Sydney).

I am looking at purchasing a shore excursion, a dining package and internet package.

When is the best time to purchase these? Should I buy them now or do they have deals when you get on the ship?



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You will be pretty much assured that anything you buy though the Cruise Planner will be cheaper than on board.

Book them at the lowest price you see and if a deal/sale appears on the cruise planner simply cancel the purchase you made previously, all your money gets refunded, and then book it again at the lower price. As to when these sales appear, you've just got to keep an eye out really

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@Charles From Sydney

You really need to buy from thje Cruise Planner before boarding - prices can be significantly higher onboard.

Also - today RC seem to be having a sales on booze and internet. 

The Deluxe berverage package is $72pd on my cruise ($48 USD) and that is mucxh cheaper than you will see onboard!!!

Prices onboard for (alcoholic) drinks ranged from $8USD for a beer, to $12-14USD for wine or a cocktail - convert those to Aussie prices ($12-$21)  and you can see that the package can be amazing value...




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