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We will be cruising in December 2020 on Adventure of the Seas with some extended family. This includes 6 adults and 3 children. Our reservations have been linked so that I can plan everything for everybody--I called RC to make sure we could all dine together, and we have a dining time of 5:15. I want to make sure that we have the family dining so that our kids can go off to Camp Ocean while everyone else enjoys a longer dinner. But from what I've seen online, it looks like the Adventure Ocean staff meet the kids at the MDR at 6:45. So doesn't 5:15 seem a little early for this arrangement? Do I need to call and request a later reservation?

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You will sign the kids up for pickup from dinner with the Adventure Ocean staff once onboard the ship.  The pickup time will be coordinated with the early dining time for the ship.  Early dining times vary between 5:15 and 6:00 pm depending on the ship, so the Adventure Ocean pickup time is determined by ship to coordinate with the early seating time.  Since you are all linked for the early seating, then once you are onboard you will talk to the Adventure Ocean staff to sign them up for the dining pickup on the specific days the you want to do that.  The kids will dine with you in early seating.  Let your waiter know so they can expedite their meals so the kids can meet the Adventure Ocean staff at the restaurant entrance at the appointed time.  

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