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Cabana Question - Swapping Guests

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I booked one of the overwater cabanas at Cococay for my Jan 2020 cruise. My problem is that i have 11 people total I am traveling with and the cabana capacity seems to be at 8.


5 of us have no real plans of leaving the beach club area. A family of 3 traveling with me is planning on spending time at the water park so they wont be around for a chunk of the day.  I'm sure the other family of 3 will want to do some exploring on their own at some point as well.


First question - Will I be able to swap cabana bands between those 2 families? Like have one of them stay with us in the beach club in the morning then have them give their bands to the other family for the afternoon?


Second question - My 10th anniversary is happening on this cruise. We are looking for a spot to do vow renewals. Do you think there would be any leeway in letting all 11 come up for a ceremony at the cabana? Staying in a loft suite with concierge access if that matters at all. I think it would be worth me asking concierge at least... but has anyone had any success in this type of situation?

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For question number 1, if the over water are like the beach cabanas NO you cannot switch them out during the day.  You will go to the cabana attendant upon arrival, at that point when you check in you will give them the names of the guests that will be in your cabana.  They will give you one of those waterproof paper band wristlets that you can't take off and on.  That is the only way you enter the area.  Thus, once the 8 are used up than that's it. 

Question number 2, and I am sure @WAAAYTOOO can answer,, but I gave always been told that the Genies have no control over getting any special treatment with the cabanas.  You might be able to ask the cabana attendant to see if they will escort the 3 that are not eligible to come to the cabana just for the renewal ceremony.

I can't really speak for the overwater, but when we did Chill, they were very strict with the numbers.  I had walked by at a time where 3 people walked up to the attendant and basically said we just want to pop by and switch out stuff.  The attendant told them that they could either give it to them and they would take it to the cabana or go to the cabana and get the guest to come to the desk.  They said the "We swear we are just swapping out, it will only take a few minutes"   Their answer remained the same,....we will be happy to take it to their cabana or have them come to you, but unfortunately you can not enter.  

Personally, I can see why they are strict, even if it was for a vow renewal.  The cabanas are closer than you think, and at that cost the neighbors may say....HEY, wait a 2nd here why are they allowed to switch bands?

There are some beautiful places to do the renewal.  Not this last cruise, but the one before a couple actually got married on Coco Cay, you may want to ask RCL if they could set it where they do ceremonies.


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I have not rented a cabana in many years - certainly not since they started Perfect Day so I really do not know what the Genies can and cannot do for you regarding cabanas.  While I have read that Star Class no longer have "first dibs" on cabanas at Coco Cay, I suspect they still have some ability to influence activities....but who knows ?

Here's my guess.  I think that they would give you 8 wrist bans to be distributed in any way that you wish.  Then the other 3 people will have to purchase the day pass for South Beach.  Since I have never even SEEN a South Beach cabana (as no one else has either) I can only guess that once you have the wrist bands, they probably really do not care who comes and goes from the cabanas themselves.

This is all just a SWAG at this point but I do NOT believe that they will allow all 11 of you into South Beach for the purchase of the cabana.  I believe that 3 will have to pay.  For my upcoming Anthem cruise in Feb., day passes to SB are $64.99 each.

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OK - a few clarifications:

The overwater cabanas are NOT at South Beach, they are going to be in the Coco Beach Club area. The overwater walkways to the cabanas shall be accessed from inside the Beach Club only.

The overwater cabanas come with 8 Coco Beach Club area access passes.

3 more Coco Beach Club Day passes will have to be purchased. There is a Child price for the Coco Beach Club Day pass (for now, anyway.)

The vow renewal can be done in the Coco Beach Club restricted area if all 11 have Coco Beach Club access passes (8+3).

At minimum, all 11 (with passes) can access the Beach Club restaurant, pool and other amenities, together.

Won’t know until January if the extra three will be able to access the overwater walkway just from already being inside the restricted Beach Club area, or if there will be a secondary checkpoint.

How the Coco Beach Club area shall be managed will be different than how the other cabanas in non-restricted areas are treated. For example, a Thrill Water Park cabana for 6 has had extra family members with Day passes drop in.

There is absolutely no swapping that can be done with the Coco Beach Club access passes.

Hope this helps.

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