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Making a Scavenger Hunt for my group

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 I am making a photo scavenger hunt for our Jan 2020 Harmony 7 day cruise. I think i have a pretty good start list but I'm looking for more unique things to put on it. Teams will be be based off our staterooms, 4 teams 2-3 adults per team. Each team will buy something onboard for the prize pool.


Disclaimer: This list is pretty mild but their are some risque items at the end ( I am actually looking for more of those ideas 😈) It is not meant to offend anyone and they can not be rude when taking pictures. A rule will be to not take pictures directly of people unless you ask... it can also be someone posing for a normal picture with them in the background.


Here's my list so far:

A performer in a full costume with a mask on 

Someone on your team sleeping in the middle of the day

3 different food menus

Each letter of your last name from the signs around the ship

Someone Ice Skating – 2 extra points if it’s someone on your team

The Captain -  3 extra points if someone on your team is in the picture

Cruise Director - 3 extra points if someone on your team is in the picture

Someone wiping out on the Flowrider - 3 extra points if the person is on your team

One of your teammates exiting the Abyss

Someone on the Zipline – 3 extra points if it’s someone on your team

Someone on your team climbing the rockwall

Something with the name of the ship on it

A picture of our ship and another docked from the shore

A parade

A dolphin

Life Preserver

Find the grass area for service animals

Bartender mixing a drink

A Conga Line

Two people with matching shirts

Someone else taking a photo

Someone playing a piano

A Statue

A picture of the room numbers for all of these rooms – 8729 -3180 -10500 -14330

Each member of your team with a different drink (group or solo pics. No same drinks in any picture. No Beer)

A Gnome

Someone eating a cookie

Ice Cream Cone

A member of your team in a pool -

Another Cruise Ship

The fortune teller

A Chef

Bird on the ship (not flying)

Someone on your team playing minigolf

One of your team using exercise equipment

Park Bench

A Long Line

A dog on the ship

Casino chip

Someone not in your group making out  

A team member on the carousel

A Green Chair

A team member winning on a slot machine

A model of the cruise ship

Palm Tree

Someone from your team in the ocean

A Sea Shell

A Decorated Stateroom Door

A plastic fish

The Wake of the Ship

Towel Animal

A Sunrise or sunset

Ship Flag

Animal shape made from ice or food

Purple flower

Someone in extremely non formal cloths in the middle of formal dressed people on a formal night

Big mustache

Someone with big hair

A stranger carrying more than one drink with their hands (2 points for each drink past 2)

A guy wearing a banana hammock

Anyone in a t-back bathing suit

A plumbers crack

An overly “busty” women (no team members: p)

A super hairy guy with no shirt on

Someone sunbathing with their top untied or off

Someone with a bad sunburn

Someone on your team noticeably drunk (+2 bonus for video)

Someone dancing inappropriately (+2 bonus for video)

One of the 2 single people cruising with us flirting with a man


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Picture of a crew member from -insert country-

Picture with Henry (that's the name of the vacuum cleaner)

Picture of a team member in a suite (or whatever stateroom category nobody is currently staying in)

Picture of someone enjoying the Big Apple (it's a hot dog)

Someone holding Harmony of the Seas

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You have some great ideas.  I was looking to do something similar for my cruise in 3 weeks but I need to keep it family friendly.

On a prior cruise I have had the activity staff give a week long scavenger hunt with getting signatures from people from different countries, senior officers, and cruise activity staff.  It was a lot of fun trying to find all the staff.  It was a great way to engage with more of the staff than I normally would.


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I like this idea.  We could use some of these.  I'm going with a pre-cruise idea to get people excited.  I'm doing a question a month to the group and then I'll supply the prizes.  One of my questions to to see which of the people in our group can figure out my "handle" on this website.  I'm not trying to draw attention to myself, but rather draw people to this site to see all the information that is here.  There are plenty of clues as to who I am for people who know me.

My questions are not limited to RCCL or cruising.  Below are a couple more.

Another of mine is for me to supply a photo of a map I picked up on our recent trip to Las Vegas.  It has a pretty big error on it that anyone with geographic awareness would spot in a second.  (It shows US 95 as Interstate 95).  First person to figure that out gets a prize.  

We are going zip lining in San Juan pre cruise.  First one to post a video from the zip line company gets a prize... ect.

Trying to get folks excited pre cruise.

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