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I've only done this once so far, and didn't do anything special to protect the bottles.  I waited to buy my wine until shortly before I boarded the ship rather than bringing them from home and handling them through airports.  I have a hard sided carry on bag, and put them inside for getting through security and boarding, and had no issues.  I realize I was probably lucky, but just limiting my time and handling with them helped.

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4 hours ago, markm said:

For those of you that bring wine aboard in your carry on, what type of wine protectors do you recommend?

Wine Skins from Amazon.  They are a combo of bubble wrap and a sealable heavy duty  ziplock.  As we have to fly we use them in suitcase then pull them out and put in string bags for carrying to ship.

On one cruise we encountered a couple who had a wine bottle break during a flight all over their clothes.  


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