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Freedom Of The Seas tips or advice?

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Freedom is the perfect size, not too big not too small. We were on her just before she moved to San Juan (going on again though). Do you have MTD or a set time? I would try to get to the shows a few minutes early so you can get good seats. They do have staff that can get you a drink in the shows but I normally went in with one I picked up on my way. Do you have the drink package? If not remember you can bring 2x bottles of wine and 12 cans/bottles of non-alcoholic drinks. There are tons to do so have fun!

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To get to the helicopter pad at the front of the ship go to deck four and walk the outside all the way forward where you will find stairs leading up and forward to the helicopter pad. I remember my first couple times on that ship always wondering how people got there. The ship is awesome and you will love it. 

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Hi @Shawn T, welcome to the forums!

If you're having dinner in the MDR and you want a drink at the start of your meal, it's better to get it from Vintages (for wine) or one of the bars (other drinks) before you go inside. You're perfectly free to take the glass with you into the MDR. The drink service tends to be a bit slow in the MDR, especially on day 1.

You are welcome to go on the helipad for sail-away, and it's an awesome spot to enjoy that part of each day or even mid-day for some quiet time and a view of the ocean. It's very easy to get to: From deck 5 on the Royal Promenade, go all the way forward to the Star Lounge. After you walk through the entrance, immediately turn right and go through the double doors by the sound booth window, then another set of doors to get onto the outside walking track. Turn left and go all the way forward to a set of stairs, which will take you up to the helipad. You can also get there by going onto the walking track on deck 4, going all the way forward to the stairwell up to deck 5, then taking that and going forward to the helipad stairs. It will be closed off in inclement weather or high winds for safety reasons.

The helipad is sometimes also available at night, but it's up to the crew whether they leave the access gates on the walking track open. It is amazing to go there and see the stars while in you're in the middle of the ocean on a clear night. If you do go there, you must not use any flashlight on  your phone, take any flash photos, or do anything else that shines a light in the area; the captain and bridge crew need the area dark as they are using night vision glasses and other low-light tools while navigating. If they spot any lights on the helipad, they will send security down super-quick and you'll be politely but firmly escorted off the helipad, and they will close off access for the rest of the night.

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4 hours ago, Shawn T said:

We will be sailing on Freedom Of The Sea August 9th. This will be our first time with Royal. Any advice, tips and does and don’t. For the ship or Royal Caribbean  that  you would like to pass along would be deeply appreciated.



I think you will really enjoy the promenade.  As with any cruise, go at your own pace.  You should be automatically enrolled in the Crown and Anchor Society following your cruise, which will be helpful down the road.  If you enjoy Royal, you can consider booking your next cruise on the ship, or you can at least pick up information for future cruise planning.   Bon voyage!

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