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When Can I book entertainment on Liberty?


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No, you can only book the entertainment venues on the Oasis and Quantum class ships.  The rest of the fleet it is first come, first served....except for suites, who have special reserved sections....at least, on most of the ships.


So you cannot pre-book any of the entertainment on Freedom.  Their theaters can accommodate the larger crowds, where the bigger ships cannot.

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I was just on Liberty at the end of OCT... 


We cannot make reservations for entertainment/shows... the ice show had a suggested (they do not check) seating date/time based on your muster station (schedule comes with your initial Cruise Compass package) and the Broadway show (Saturday Night Fever) just had multiple showings (3) which were "first come/first served" seating.  All other evening shows were also "first come/first served" until capacity.  Most evening shows have 2 performances to accommodate early and late dinner seatings.  I found that generally arriving 20-30 minutes before show time usually guaranteed a decent seat (the earlier, the better of course!).  


You can make advanced reservations for spa treatment, wine tasting, cupcake cupboard classes, dining (My Time and Specialty), excursions, etc.  

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As John said, the ice show is scheduled based on muster station assignment to break up the crowds, but they didn't check. The Welcome Aboard Show and the last show on sea day only had one show, so it was crowded, but it wasn't impossible to get seats even a few minutes before. On my sailing, Saturday Night Fever occurred three times.

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